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* Hélène McGuire Photographic Portraiteer and Travel Photographer, by Adam Welch

What Is Bokeh And How To Creatively Use It In Your Photography, by Hélène McGuire

Children Photography 15 Tips On How To Capture Stunning Shots, by Hélène McGuire

Street Photography: Ultimate How To Guide With 7 Stepsby Hélène McGuire

* Family Photography: How to Take Stunning Family Portraits, by Hélène McGuire


* 'I'm a huge fan of all of Hélène's work - her portraits are stunning - but these horse photographs are truly special. I feel like I'm a secret observer of the herd while looking right into the eyes of the animal, both included in the moment and witnessing this beautiful privacy. Incredible!'          

- Gabriella Salick, professional rider and USA Team member, CA (USA)

* 'Wow! What a great experience. Hélène makes the process of having professional photos taken so comfortable and engaging. Really allowing me to be myself in front of the lens. She captured the 'me' I want the world to see.'     

- Khristine Hvam, award winning audiobook narrator, producer, director and voice over actress, owner of Hvam Audio, New York (USA)

* 'When my wife and I were expecting our daughter, we wanted to capture every moment of this journey that would change our lives forever. We were so fortunate to have Hélène immortalized this moment with amazing photos by the Hudson River in Hoboken, that capture our love with NYC skyline as the backdrop. Her work will stay with us forever and we could not have expected better results. She is the best!' 

- Jean-Baptiste & Mathilde A., Hoboken (USA)

* 'Hélène was extremely professional from start to finish of the shoot. She listened to what we wanted and combined that with her experience and talent to create a one of a kind image. I would highly recommend her!'

- Joanna H., NJ (USA)

* 'I've always despised photos of myself. Honestly, I seem to always look like a deer caught in headlights. That was until I met Hélène McGuire. She made me feel beautiful, authentic, worthy and she made all my insecurities disappear. In her photos, I saw a woman who loves herself. A woman who is strong and secure. A woman who knows who she is and is never afraid. I saw myself. Thank you, Hélène. I will be forever grateful for you reminding me that I am worthy, strong and beautiful!'

- Carrie T., Barcelona (Spain)


* 'Hélène McGuire: the Paris Exhibit - a loving anthem to the old city'


June through September 2019 (opening June 6th 6-8pm)


Choc.O.Pain, Hudson Tea Building

1500 Hudson Street (corner 15th and Washington)

Hoboken, NJ (USA)


* Shoot The Frame, Portrait category finalist 2018